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Hello! I am Kimberlee Biddle, a homeschooling mother and former public and private school teacher, and I am so glad you stopped by!  I love reading, baking, photography, the beach, and spending time with my family.

Now that you know a bit about my background and my interests I would love to tell you about KimberleeBee and the services I provide. The number one goal of KimberleeBee is to deliver quality annual evaluations with a variety of choices in a professional yet non-threatening manner.

I provide three options for your annual evaluations.

  1. Portfolio Review
  2. Peabody Individual Achievement Testing (PIAT-R)
  3. Iowa Tests of Basic Skills (ITBS)
  • All of my evaluation choices comply with Florida homeschool law (1002.41) and the state’s requirements for annual evaluations.
  • Portfolio reviews and formal testing can be arranged at my home, a mutually agreed upon location, Skype or Face-time, and depending on the time of year and distance, your home.
  • Direct provider for the Gardiner Scholarship.

Whether you are homeschooling your children in a traditional manner, taking the classical approach, eclectic schoolers, unschooling, or even if you have no idea what kind of schooling you are doing, I can help with you’re evaluation needs!

Please send me a message on my contact form to ask any questions you have or to schedule an appointment.  I look forward to meeting you and getting to know your amazing kids!


Kimberlee Biddle