Co-op & Group Services

As a fellow homeschool mom, I understand how important co-ops and group activities can be for our families. The time spent bonding and sharing our joys and struggles with other homeschooling families is truly priceless. I offer co-op and group testing to further build camaraderie and to offer ease of scheduling.

How it Works

Evaluations or testing will be given where your co-op or group meets on a regular basis and a minimum of 5 families is necessary to qualify for this service. Portfolio and PIAT-R testing will be given one on one and will require a private room. ITBS (Iowa Testing Basic Skills) is available for 3rd-8th grades and 9-12th grades. The Stanford 10 Achievement Test is available for 4th-8th grade and 9th-12th grades. Both ITBS and the Stanford 10 will need a minimum of two days to complete. This form of testing is administered in a classroom type setting to give each child ample space for privacy and comfort.


Cost and discounts will vary depending on the amount of families participating.